A Quiet Afternoon

A peaceful break from a stressful world.
The stakes have never been milder or more reasonable.

A Quiet Afternoon brings readers thirteen Low-Fi tales of gentle speculative fiction, stories of wonder and the celebration of small successes. Ease into worlds of quiet triumph and gracious victories; of found families and unlikely friendships; magical constructs, pensive mermaids, fairies and dragons and a barbecue sauce that will literally change your life.

The stakes are low. The expectations are reasonable. The resolutions are satisfactory. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket, make a cup of tea, and enjoy A Quiet Afternoon.

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Launching an anthology of low-stakes, feel-good, cosy-comfy fiction in the midst of widespread Black Lives Matter protests feels disingenuous, to say the least. In acknowledgement of this, Grace&Victory has made a $100 CAD donation (1/4 of our operating budget for this anthology) to Black Lives Matter – Canada for the launch of A Quiet Afternoon. We also plan to donate to BLM – Canada 50% of the profits made from July 1 2020 to August 31 2020 (99% of our sales are within the first two weeks). After all, quiet afternoons are too often a privilege when they should be a right.

Featuring stories by:
  • Mary Alexandra Agner
  • Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom
  • Dantzel Cherry
  • Maria Cook
  • Melissa DeHaan
  • Rebecca Gomez Farrell
  • Adriana C. Grigore
  • Stephanie Barbé Hammer
  • Elizabeth Hirst
  • Rachael Maltbie
  • Aimee Ogden
  • Ziggy Schutz
  • Tamoha Sengupta
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