A Quiet Afternoon 2


Find a comfy chair and get ready to put off those chores you’ve been meaning to do, because A Quiet Afternoon 2 is here to distract you with twenty-seven speculative Low-Fi tales of harmonious resolutions, idle reminiscences, and hopeful dreams.

Unruly neighbours learn to coexist peacefully…

Family recipes are as valuable as any treasure…

And princesses do not need rescuing.

Spend some time with the bricklayers who refuse to let a robot take their jobs, a woman made of gems who wants to be a bird, and a very brave squirrel. Explore the shop where you can pawn your dreams, tour a house who wants to be haunted, and take in the fairground where dinosaurs come to life.

Comfy and cosy with a touch of the bittersweet, these low-stakes moderate-rewards stories are ready to let you relax.

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In response to the increase in anti-Asian violence in 2021, Grace&Victory will be making a donation to the Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice, a group supporting youth and low-income immigrant seniors in Vancouver, Canada. After all, quiet afternoons are too often a privilege when they should be a right.

Featuring stories by:
  • Stewart C. Baker
  • Gabrielle Bleu
  • L. Chan
  • Jessica Cho
  • Katie Conrad
  • Emily Deibert
  • S. M. Dziok
  • Rebecca Gomez Farrell
  • Elizabeth Hirst
  • Liam Hogan
  • Meia Holland
  • Sally Jo
  • Tawanda Adrian Konde
  • Brian M. Milton
  • Tiffany Morris
  • Eamonn Murphy
  • Christopher R. Muscato
  • Aimee Ogden
  • Maraki Piedras
  • Almah LaVon Rice
  • Darren Ridgley
  • Tamoha Sengupta
  • Christina Tang-Bernas
  • Sara L. Uckelman
  • Amrita Valan
  • Xan van Rooyen
  • Nicole Walsh
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